What we're about

This is a group for Futurists in Vancouver, and across Canada, that like to think about where the world is heading.

Nikolas Badminton is a Futurist Speaker - http://www.nikolasbadminton.com - that guides monthly conversations, and produces events, on the future of work, the sharing economy, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, biohacking, cyborg anthropology, how social networking is changing, Big data, the dark web, urban planning, systems thinking, design thinking, creativity in the modern world, pluralism, nootropics, psychedelics (research in set and setting), futurology, and everything else that makes us wonder why does it/does it not exist and how the world is changing. Events, such as Future Camp and Dark Futures are offered as part of this meetup in addition to monthly events.

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Friends of Foresight - The Future Starts Now (hosted by APF)

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This event has passed

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