What we're about

The teachings offered by this group will help you discover the spiritual dimension of your life, and use your unlimited potential.

Yoga is an ancient and very complex spiritual science which can help you grow through everything you do, be more focused, peaceful, energetic and healthy. There is no area of human experience that is left untouched by Yoga in it's authentic spiritual form, from your vitality, social integration, couple relationship and sexual experiences, ability to use and focus your mind, to the highest transcendental experiences.

You will discover the key to understanding and controlling your emotions, energy and mind. You will learn to meditate, focus, be efficient and successful. You will learn to transform your sexual energy into a power house of personal transformation on all levels.

Yoga offers a practical and clear path towards consciousness development and spiritual enlightening. You will realize in wonder that you are much more than you think you are, a human being that is meant to live at a universal scale, love infinitely and BE HAPPY.

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