What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in Equality for all.
The Canadian Association for Equality is a registered charity that supports all efforts at achieving gender equality.
Currently CAFE's focus is on assisting men and boy's with specific issues they are facing. CAFE London is a new group looking for volunteers, donors and members to assist in educational efforts, and assisting those in need. If you feel that you could assist our organization or persons facing the following issues we would love to hear from you, please join us to help address the following; Mental Health & Suicide - Domestic Violence Against Men - Parental Alienation - Boy's Underachievement in Education - Fatherlessness - Men's Health & Well-being - Equal Access to Justice.

CAFE London efforts include; Staging Public Events - Influencing Public Policy - Promoting Public Awareness - Engaging in Campus Outreach - Conducting Research.

CAFE's approach to gender equality is inclusive, diverse, affirming and based on facts and evidence. After all, equality means equality for everyone -- doesn't it?!

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