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Canadian Classic Book Club is for people who love books and want to catch up on classics they have always been meaning to read. Or re-read a beloved classic and sharing it with others.

So what's a classic book? We use the rule if it's 50 years old or older it's in.

All ages and people groups are welcome welcome to join us online, we use the free app Jitsi meet.

This year we are reading by country, so far we have done France and plan to do America and Russia next. I find this is a good way to learn about other cultures at the same time as possibly reading something you have never heard of before.

If you have book suggestions or a country you would like us to pick next please feel free to post them!

If you RVSP and don't show up twice you will be removed from the group without a written message.
Please change your RVSP @ least two hours before the event.
If you were unable to change your RVSP in time send me a message, we understand life happens unexpectedly.
Thank you.

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Japanese Classics: Round Three; I am a Cat by Natsume Sōseki

Online event

Hey everyone we are skipping Dec and starting back in the new year, have a great holiday season!!
We head over east to Japan that has so much to offer the world from technologies to manga and fashion and not least important: classic books.
What could be more exciting than reading one of the worlds' first novel by Lady Murasaki Shikibu written in 1008 AD, and it is a book about courtly life in medieval Japan.

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