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This is a group for anyone interested in studying the fundamental building blocks of traditional Astrology. Gain insight into your motivations, timing and life patterns as well as exploring the connection between the cycles of the planets and that of human activity and consciousness, to open up whole new vistas.

For further information about the different aspects of astrology see: http://www.the-canberra-astrologer.com


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What's going on? Individual charts

Julianne's in Kambah

Tonight we will be having a shared look at our birth charts for significant transits past, present and to come. Bring along your chart and questions. The cost for this meetup is $10, to be paid on the night. If you have RSVP'd for this meetup but find you can longer attend, can you please delete your attendance.

Introduction to Astrology

Julianne's in Kambah

This class is for complete newcomers to astrology, or those wishing to refresh traditional basics, and will provide an introduction to understanding astrological sign fundamentals and symbols: - the planets (glyphs, symbolism and mythology) - the elements (fire, earth, air, water) - modalities (cardinal / fixed / mutable) - sign rulers (planets associated with the signs) and their dignities - some astronomical notions regarding the tropical zodiac and signs The cost for this class is $80, with a minimum number of four participants. If you would like to attend this class but are unable to come on the proposed day, or time, please leave a comment.

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Planets & mythology

Julianne's in Kambah

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