August: Clean Code with Entity Framework Core - presented by Brendan Richards

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Canberra User Group August: Clean Code with Entity Framework Core - presented by Brendan Richards

Object Relational Mappers like EF Core exist to take the drudgery out of getting your Object-Orientated C# code to talk to a relational database. Opinions on this vary from "ORMs are the Vietnam of Computer Science" to "If you write data access code, you are stealing from your client".

Like any powerful tool, EF Core can help you a great deal when used carefully, or cause chaos when thrown blindly at your codebase. This talk covers - An introduction to the primary features of EF Core - How to use EF Core with clean code principles - What's new in EF Core - Techniques to monitor performance and what to do about badly behaved queries.

About the Speaker:
Throughout his career, Brendan has been a big user and proponent of Open Source software. This has been applied to a broad variety of web-based programming projects spanning the last 17 years. Brendan has worked with an eclectic mix of languages, platforms and technologies including .Net, Java, PHP, Ruby and Perl across both Unix/Linux and Microsoft Windows platforms. This gives Brendan some unique perspectives on how different teams & platforms have tackled similar problems.

Since joining SSW in 2012, Brendan has been delivering great solutions on the .NET stack for his clients. He is also been sharing his knowledge and experience with the wider developer community by speaking at Conferences such as NDC and DDD as well as .NET User Groups

Some of his favourite things include:
- .NET Core - especially the cross-platform support for Linux
- Typescript and moden client side development with Angular CLI & ngrx
- Elastic Search
- Clean Architecture