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The Social Anxiety Workshop

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The Social Anxiety Workshop


Social Anxiety! The big, scary, isolating monster...

Do you suffer the fear of being the centre of attention, being evaluated negatively and rejected, or showing physical signs of anxiety in social situations?

If you do, I bet you do the best you can to avoid certain situations, perhaps social gatherings, job interviews, presentations, maybe even eating in front of others.

How about these:
• Being scared to make a phone call.
• Relationship issues & dating difficulties.
• Nervous to order food at a restaurant.
• Avoiding social events ( except this one ).⠀
• Wanting to hide your face or body in public.⠀
• Panic attacks in crowded places or at random times.⠀⠀
• Panic when having to present or speak to someone you don't know.
• Afraid of what others think.
• Feeling like you're not good enough.

You want to change that... right?

But what can you do? You're uncomfortable at the idea of sitting in a clinic waiting room and then talking about your fears to a complete stranger... just incase they judge you or think that you're just being silly.

I understand. I was once socially anxious. I feared talking to anyone I didn't know. I shyed away from questions incase I said the wrong thing or couldn't think of an answer at all. What would others think about me?

To put it bluntly I feared rejection, it was many years later that I discovered the hidden causes behind the fears which created the anxiety which created the avoidant behaviours.

I don't want you to have to wait that long!

That's why I'm hosting this Social Anxiety Workshop, to let you:

• Connect with others who understand your plight and each have their own struggle.
• Complete an Anxiety Worksheet to understand more about anxiety, triggers, causes, how it presents and why.
• Learn some practical professional techniques and be guided through some effective solutions to help with the physical, psychological and behavioural symptoms.

This is a non-judgmental, safe environment where you are free to ask questions and contribute or simply sit, listen, absorb and enjoy. (You can always chat to me afterwards in private or email me with any questions.)

Attendance to this workshop is limited because I want to spend more time giving specific practical advice.

RSVP to secure your place. You're most welcome to bring a friend or invite someone you think this workshop will help - just make sure you click 'GOING' and include your guest.

If you suffer social anxiety and want to make positive changes and improve your life... click 'GOING' to this workshop.

I look forward to meeting you on the 17th May.

Civic Library - Mezzanine Room
Civic Square London Circuit · Canberra
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