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Do you want to begin a business in the California's bustling Cannabis industry?
Are you curious about what it takes to become a successful cannabis entrepreneur?
Do you want to meet and network with other business owners in the industry?
If so, then please join our fun group: RAD Cannabis Business Workshops

Everyone wants to get into the cannabis industry, but many don’t know where to start. The shifting landscape of marijuana regulation in California has some entrepreneurs confused and feeling lost. Well then, let us help you out! Our presentations are specifically designed to help both new and current business owners get the maximum profits out of their respective cannabis ventures throughout California. Our workshops will cover the steps necessary to begin a cannabis business within California's legalized cannabis industry.

But we don't just stop there either! As the saying goes, "it's not always what you know, but who you know that matters." Business networking in any industry is important, however in the cannabis industry, it is a vital part to the sustainability of any "green" business. That is why our group has made multiple connections with different players in the cannabis industry currently and we now have many different presenters lined up along with networking opportunities abound.

Meetups are industry specific and will include presentations from different license holders such as cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, retailer, and deliveries. In other words, our Cannabis Business Workshops will not only provide information to begin your cannabis business and remain compliant, but we will go the extra step to provide connections and networking opportunities to get your cannabusiness up and running!

Looking into the upcoming future cannabis space may seem daunting and a big task, but we aim to turn those concerns into excitement and motivation! Once you attend one of our meetings, you will walk away knowing more about the cannabis industry, garner multiple connections and be able to decide what next steps to take in your journey to be a "cannapreneur." The goal of our meetups is to provide a place where connecting and collaborating with others replaces competition and isolation and promotes a collaborative environment to allow cannabis businesses a chance thrive in the California market. Become a group member and join us!

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Please contact Tician "Tiki" Toplak
Phone: 714-713-8814
Email: radbizgroup@gmail.com

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