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***Must be minimum of 21 years of AGE to participate. ID will be verified upon entrance into the online class.

No previous experience required.

I will be in my kitchen. So you will have to set yourself up in a place where you can access glassware, ice and a sink for cleaning. This is a chance to learn how to create your perfect home bar.

1. A fun way to learn about home cocktail creation from a professional & certified mixologist. I don't know how often I will do these but for now I am committing to once a week. I want to keep my skills sharp and share what I am passionate about in drinks creations. I will announce my first class date shortly...


2. Starting with the basics (mojito, old fashioned, martini, and fruity fun drinks) we'll learn about spirits and the delicious cocktails they are used in...Time to time we will also learn how to make "CANNABIS" infused cocktails utilizing brands that are available in the market - learning how to micro-dose deliciously.

Currently consulting in the Cannabis industry in CALIFORNIA and I am educated on the plant and how to incorporate into everyday life.

3. I will break down the recipes, their history (if any) and give ingredients to shop for (prior to class) while making the drinks in an interactive online video session. I will try to remain seasonally relevant since I live in California but you can adjust with frozen or canned ingredients (if only option available).

Google Hangouts or Zoom required.

This is fluid for me and I love to laugh - hope you will join in.

If there is something that you really are interested in knowing for home use, then please let me know. I want this to be fun, educational and delicious most of all!

I want to build a community where we can learn about the history and care that goes into making fine spirits, delightful wine and enlightening cannabis. This lockdown has taught me that community is what makes us stronger and if we can share our knowledge than we can make the world a better place, in our own special way.

Hope you will join my cocktail creation community and possibly make some like minded friends along the way. Thank you for your time.

Tarita @cannabixology (http://www.instagram.com/cannabixology)

Alcoholism is a disease and if you need help you should ask for it. I am in no way promoting excessive consumption. I expect that everyone in the group will be responsible and kind at all times. Just like a bar I will not tolerate over consumption and you will be "cut off" from the class.

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