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Canna Branch is everything cannabis. Bringing people together creating new buds in the industry by expanding our Roots together. What is your root?

Services.. CBD or THC not limited. Consulting in all aspects. Networking /New contacts/ Resource center./ Website development. Leagal/ Taxes/ Bookkeeping.Cannabis real estate. Equity applicants/Partners Support and supplies. Employment/ Job opportunities Education/ classes/info. New trends./Branding Medical./Fitness/ Dietary. Topical's / skin care. Owners and operators / Famers Growing/ set up. /Organics. small to large B2B, B2C, patient to products Cutting cost Growing/ End product. Bulk products./Distribution Entrepreneurs. Resources,links Investors business opportunities. Social gatherings/ Events./Private. Food/ edibles/ catering/ chef's. Extracts./ Extraction/ Extractors. Medical use guidance. Pets medical guidance. Caregivers./Collective Co-op/social clubs. Cloning/ clones. Seeds. Cannabis tours and travels/Tastings Delivery services Anything else you can think of.

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