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All are welcome whether you are married, single, separated, divorced or widowed. This is a social & friendship group not a dating site

We aim to offer a varied range of events & activities to suit everyone.


It's a requirement of your membership that your profile picture is a recent head shot of yourself at all times. Pictures of animals, children or flowers etc are not allowed. It's important that all the organisers & other members can recognise you at events. During your membership please ensure that you keep a recent head shot of yourself on your profile at all times.


Please note that we often take photographs at events for use on our group meetup site and our Facebook page. By joining the group it is taken that you have given permission for photographs to be used. If you do not want to appear in photographs then it is your responsibility to move out of range of any cameras.

Please note that participation in any event is entirely at your own risk & the organisers will not be held responsible for any injury, compensation or loss of earnings for any reason whatsoever. The same applies to any guests you bring along. Guests are the individual members responsibility at all times. Members are asked to make guests aware of this & by attending guests are deemed to have accepted this condition.

Well behaved children & dogs are usually welcome on all walks & family days out but please ask the Organiser of that event first. If your dog bites a member or guest this is your sole responsibility.


Please keep your rsvp's up to date at all times. If you find you are no longer able to attend an event please update your rsvp. Places are limited at many events so please be mindful that other members may be waiting to take your place. For persistent "no shows" ie not turning up to an event on 3 occasions members will be deleted from the group.


The beauty of meetup is that as a member you can join several groups and cherry pick events and dip in and out. This is absolutely fine and it's perfectly okay to be a member of several groups. However after being involved with meetup for several years I think you will gain the most from being a regular member and getting to know people well instead of flitting in and out. I've seen not only couples meet partners but long lasting and enduring friendships form. I don't want the membership cluttered up with inactive members so if you haven't attended an event for more than 6 months you will be removed from the group. You of course will be more than welcome to rejoin at any time.

Suggestions for events are welcome and members can co-host events if they wish. We hope to meet you soon. If you're nervous about attending please message me & we'll do all we can to help you take the plunge

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