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Welcome to the official Meetup group for Canon Live Learning Orange County.

Join our Meetup group to participate in our upcoming workshops, seminars, and other learning or engagement events at Costa Mesa.

At our events, you’ll not only shoot with the best instructors—you’ll shoot with the best gear. Workshop attendees can access a range of Canon “dream gear,” including the latest EOS cameras and lenses, with Canon instructors ready to offer their technical and creative assistance every step of the way.

Please note that RSVPs must be completed on our official Canon USA Registration Links if you plan to attend our events.

We hope you join our group and have fun learning with Canon!

Upcoming events (5+)

Video Basics with Ning Wong

Canon Experience Center

Please register here: https://events-canonusa.ddreg.me/Events/39667/video-basics-with-ning-wong Join Ning Wong at the Canon Experience Center to learn Video Basics. Ning will share fundamental concepts and techniques so you can start making videos using your DSLR. After hearing Ning's technical and creative tips and tricks you will be ready to move from stills to motion.

EOS Test Drive

Canon Experience Center

https://events-canonusa.ddreg.me/Events/39669/eos-test-drive Join us at the Canon Experience to test-drive some of the latest Canon lenses and cameras. If you want to try EOS EOS R, Canon’s new RF Lens technology, or an L series lens -- this is the event for you! The Canon Experience Center is a photographer’s wonderland. Each station will cover a different topic and have a Canon expert assigned to it to answer any and all questions you may have. We will provide each station with a variety of Canon cameras and lenses to shoot with, including specialty macro and tilt/shift lenses. Canon's Service and Support team will also be on site to provide free clean and checks on Canon equipment during the event. Each guest is limited to two pieces of Canon gear. **Please Note** Due to volume, not all gear will be available during the event for pickup. Some gear may have to be picked up the following day. Our Canon Professional Services (CPS) will also be onsite to connect with existing members as well as answer any questions you may have about the program. Topics Covered: Macro Photography Canon Speedlites Portrait Photography Printing For the printing please bring: · One file (jpeg or tiff) sized at 17" x 22" at 300 ppi (pixels per inch) on a flash drive · Please name the file: Lastname_Firstname.(jpg/tiff)

Concert Photography 101 with Anabel DFlux

Canon Experience Center

Please REGISTER HERE -->> https://events-canonusa.ddreg.me/Events/39827/concert-photography-101-with-anabel-dflux <<-- Concert photography is arguably one of the most adrenaline-filled niches you can engage in as an image maker. Musicians, magazines, fans, and record labels alike turn to skilled concert photographers to tell a story for the momentous performance and capture meaningful pictures that could very well go down in music history. For most music photographers, due to venue constraints, there is less than ten minutes to capture enough great images to populate a full gallery. Partner this with tumultuous circumstances such as sporadic lighting and an excitable audience and you have effectively created a photographic situation that is unlike any other. However, where some find this a hindrance, others crave the rush! Anabel DFlux has navigated these wild waters for over eight years, capturing nearly 350 different bands with her camera for a collection of major music magazines. From lenses to technique, to maximizing your time and allowing creativity to lead, Anabel DFlux will divulge all of her secrets for capturing the perfect shots every time. If you’re brave enough to explore this exciting photography adventure, join Anabel DFlux for an evening of tips and advice to take with you to your next show.

The Photographers Experience

Canon Experience Center

Please Register Here -->> https://events-canonusa.ddreg.me/Events/39833/the-photographers-experience <<-- Join the team at the Canon Experience Center for the Photographers Experience. The night will include networking with fellow creatives, creating beautiful images, and of course, trying out all of Canon’s latest gear.

Past events (343)

Food Photography Basics with Steve Anderson

Canon Experience Center

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