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We're excited to announce that the Canon Hollywood Professional Technology & Support Center located at 6060 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, CA, has relocated to 3400 West Olive Ave., Suite 250, Burbank, CA 91505. This move is effective as of Tuesday, February 21, 2017.

This short move of approximately 6 miles will enable Canon to offer more to all our customers and to our various communities.

The Burbank facility will serve as a hub for product training, educational events, expedited repairs and hands-on technical support for Canon's business partners and professional clients.

Stay Tuned... http://learn.usa.canon.com/live_learning/pro_workshops/pro_workshops_seminars.shtml

Productivity. Creativity. Technical Expertise. These are the building blocks of every successful image-maker's business. They also provide the instructional cornerstone of every Professional Development workshop and seminar that Canon Live Learning (CLL) delivers.

Our Professional Development offerings are presented by industry leading instructors and guest speakers and are designed to enrich your Canon-based imaging business with the latest solutions to your technical, workflow and creative challenges.

Our offerings will cover a range of instruction geared towards still photography, video and film production, and high-end printing professionals.

We're pleased to present several of our workshops and seminars in our new Canon Burbank Professional Technology & Support Center in Hollywood, California. The Center is our latest effort in making our industry leading service, support and educational programs even more accessible than ever before. Additional Professional Development offerings will be available throughout the United States. Watch this page for complete event details, including schedules and locations.

Upcoming events (5+)

In-Depth Exploration of the C200 and C300 Mark II

Canon Burbank

Please Register Here: https://events-canonusa.ddreg.me/Events/39671/in-depth-exploration-of-the-c200-and-c300-mark-ii Canon has been leading the industry with ground breaking technology that works for you and your production. Join Senior Trainer Charles Zablan to take a closer look into the Canon EOS C200 and the EOS C300 MKII to see the strengths of each platform and which type of production will benefit from each tool. We will go over post-production in RAW and XF-AVC, C-Log image processing, and camera setup.

Canon EOS R: Beyond the Specs. With Charles Zablan

Canon Burbank

Please Register Here: https://events-canonusa.ddreg.me/Events/39656/canon-eos-r-beyond-the-specs-with-charles-zablan Join Charles Zablan Senior trainer at Canon Burbank as he introduces you to the new Canon EOS R, Canon's Revolutionary new Full Frame mirrorless camera. Take a deep dive into the new Canon mirrorless and see how this Revolutionary new system will innovate the way you take photos and videos. Charles will guide you through different configurations for different shooting situations such as portraits, documentary shooting, and video. He will go over the optical and imaging advantages of the new RF mount and the new RF line of lenses. Charles will take you on a tour from menu functions to the different customizable buttons and dials to get you familiar with the new EOS R. Key Points: -EOS R and the benefits of the new mount. -RF mount and the new RF line of optics. -Customization settings in the camera. -Video and Vlogging with the EOS R. -Capturing high resolution images with the new EOS R

Fundamentals of Cinematography with DP Matthew Irving - Week 1

https://events-canonusa.ddreg.me/Events/39866/fundamentals-of-cinematography-with-dp-matthew-irving-module-one-the-history-of-cinema Module One: The History of Cinema Virtually every creative decision filmmaker’s make today is derived from a rich history of pioneers who paved the way. This series will begin by honoring this important lineage as we journey from the days of Eadweard Muybridge’s world-changing wager and the Lumiere Brothers, to the development of sound on film and how it almost ruined cinematography. We will celebrate the legacy of this beautiful art form, as we discuss key cinematic movements that helped shape modern filmmaking, from the Hollywood Studio System to Italian Neo-Realism, from the French New Wave to the New Hollywood of the 70’s. We'll explore why 24fps became part of our creative palette, why and when widescreen aspect ratios came into being, and how color motion picture photography evolved from tinted B&W (to 2-strip and 3-strip Technicolor), to the multi-packed film stocks and modern digital camera systems of today. About the Speaker: Cinematographer Matthew Irving has lensed an eclectic slate of over 30 feature film, including the theatrical releases WAITRESS (which was adapted into the Tony-nominated musical) and WAITING (starring Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris) which both cracked the "top ten" at the Box Office. Five of his features have premiered at Sundance, including OUTLAWS AND ANGELS, which was named one of Variety's "21 Best Films of Sundance 2016”. Matthew graduated from Stanford University with dual BA’s in English and Communications, and earned his MFA from the graduate program at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema/Television. www.MatthewIrving.com

Workflow Using Final Cut Pro X 10.4 with Bryan Tanori Week 1

https://events-canonusa.ddreg.me/Events/39867/workflow-using-final-cut-pro-x-104-with-bryan-tanori Navigating through multiple editing systems and choosing the best system for your post-production needs can be a daunting task. Every production is a unique entity built off of the creative design of one’s team and inevitably the client. Using the right tools for each production not only allows one to focus on the creative aspects of the job, but it is essential in getting the job done on time and within budget. With 20 years professional experience as a Producer, Editor, Colorist, and Director of Photography, please join Certified Apple Trainer Bryan Tanori as he walks you through the fundamentals of what drives Final Cut Pro X to be an effective and viable solution for your editing needs. Through his experience from working on documentaries to branded content, Bryan will show you how to get the most from your Canon footage and accelerate any processes that once seemed unattainable in Final Cut Pro. Register for all four classes and learn how to get the most from your Final Cut Pro X workflow. Areas of focus will include: • Introduction to Professional Final Cut Pro workflows, metadata, interface, and organizational structures • Creative approaches to implementing a workflow that works for your industry • Understanding and working with Canon formats and multiple codecs (RAW, ProRes, XF-AVC) in Final Cut Pro • Choosing and working with multiple aspect ratios, and resolutions [masked]K) • Professional real-world post-production tips on working with Canon equipment • Acquisition, ingest, to delivery, preparing your files in the finder, working with 3rd party programs like ShotPut Pro and Carbon Copy Cloner to secure files from camera to storage • Organizing your files in FCPX along with working through the interface. • Working with metadata to build your edits • Managing your Libraries and Events • Clarification of post-production terminology used within Final Cut Pro • Workflow extensions using third-party applications

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