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This group is interested the various topics that were discussed, challenged and argued by the various Islamic philosophers such as the occasionalistic view of causality, the deterministic view of causality, harmony between religion and philosophy, the eternal will of God, the limited or eternal action of God, argument for and against the creation of the world, the wisdom of creation, the free will of the persons and accountability for their action.
Islamic philosophy has argued that knowing the existence of God can not exclude the way of reason because reason is the most universal and common way open for mankind. Muslim theologist Al-Ghazali believed that philosophy leaves pernicious and injurious effects on religious people. Aristotelian philosopher Averroes maintains that philosophy and religions are milk sisters who are in need of each other's support in seeking the same truth. Between these extremes Islamic philosophy has challenged various points and topics.

You don't have to be a Muslim to join this group, you do not even have to be a believer to do so. You only need to be interested in knowing the truth in a dispassionate and conciliatory manner. Members should be open to hear and participate, if willing, in the criticism of all schools of theology and the logical difficulties that theologians can not answer, including but not limited to: Theologian or Al-mutakallimun, Ash'arites, Mu'atazilite, Literalist, Sufis, and Aristotelian philosophers Usual activity in the group will consist of power point presentations, and discussion groups of books and specific topics.

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