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Bringing new .NET Core features to old .NET Framework libraries

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Brandon J. and John H.
Bringing new .NET Core features to old .NET Framework libraries


Starting with the development of ASP.NET 5, which eventually became .NET Core / ASP.NET Core and later the development of the .NET Standard, we have seen innovation, growth, and standardization in the .NET world.

Since .NET Core was somewhat of a blank-slate development effort, the engineers at Microsoft were able to take into consideration the complaints and problems with the existing (and aging) .NET Framework, and the tooling around it, when building out this new ecosystem.

But not all of us have the freedom to throw away our old .NET Framework code and start over. So, let's learn how to take three of my favorite features of .NET Core, the dotnet Command Line Interface (CLI), the NuGet element in project files, and the new simplified Common Project System (CPS), and use them with our older .NET Framework code.

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