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Group Therapy for the Type-Curious; Re-frame 101
Two great presentations this month: - Group Therapy for the Type-Curious - Re-frame 101 1. Group Therapy for the Type-Curious Let's get together for another exciting talk and discussion about programming language theory! This event will focus on type theory; the fundamentals of the theory, its basis within programming language type systems, its importance in functional programming, and its relevance to us as Clojure programmers. The talk will be given by Clojure programmer and aspiring type theory aficionado, Bruce Miller. Bring your brains (and your appetites) for what is sure to be a worldview-expanding, eyebrow-raising, and intellect-flexing evening of computer science camaraderie. 2. Re-frame 101 If you're already familiar with Clojure on the java side, and you're tempted to do some frontend work in re-frame, but have no idea what's involved, this is the talk for you. Erik will be discussing re-frame at a high level, mostly conceptually, to convey why it's a great way to build singe-page web apps, and why Clojure developers will feel right at home in a re-frame app.

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