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AI: Your Personal Intern - Enhancing Productivity and Creativity

11955 Freedom Dr


Often, you'll find media narratives suggesting that AI is set to usurp your job. Indeed, the past year alone has witnessed a surge in AI capabilities, with some large-scale language models now solving a vast array of programming tasks in mere seconds. However, what if we shifted our mindset? Instead of considering AI as a job competitor, imagine it as a personal intern enhancing your programming efficiency.

Throughout my 40-year journey in programming, I've seen various technologies, such as CASE and RAD tools, come and go. Many predicted these tools would eliminate the need for programmers. However, in each instance, these tools didn't replace us, but rather facilitated our work, freeing us to delve deeper into the creative aspects of our profession.

In this session, I'll delve into the merits and limitations of the most recent AI tools. I'll guide you on how to utilize these tools to elevate your programming prowess. You'll understand firsthand why there's no need to fear AI. Instead, embrace it as a resourceful intern, taking care of the mundane and repetitive parts of programming, leaving you free to focus on the creative and nuanced aspects of transforming customer requirements into elegant software solutions.


Joe Brinkman is a technology leader with a wide array of experience as a business leader, product manager, and software architect. He has held various engineering and product leadership roles throughout his career, including his present position as the Director of Consulting at Improving.
Before his tenure at Improving, Joe co-founded DNN Corp and served as its Vice President of Technology. He was a key architect and early leader on the DotNetNuke (DNN) project. His contributions significantly contributed to DNN's quick ascendancy as one of the largest open-source projects in the Windows ecosystem and the top Content Management System (CMS) on the Windows platform.

During his time as a leader at DNN Corp, the company evolved from a small group of friends into a company employing over 70 people and serving hundreds of thousands of customers globally. Joe has written more than 300 blog posts, authored several books on DNN and JQuery, and frequently spoke at conferences across North America and Europe.

Throughout his 30-year career, Joe has utilized the leadership skills he acquired at the U.S. Naval Academy and as a young naval officer. He continues to refine these skills, mentoring young developers and technologists.


This presentation will be available both online or in-person in the Reston Microsoft Office.

Joining us Online? The link will be sent out to Meetup attendees prior to the meeting.

Joining in-person? Please join us at the new Microsoft building at 11955 Freedom Dr · Reston, VA in the Reston Town Center on the 2nd floor (not at the old Sunset Hills Microsoft offices)

We will have a meet and greet from 6:30-7. Pizza and drinks will be provided. The presentation will begin at 7 PM.

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