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Capitol Hill Tool Library Open Hours
NEW EXPANDED WEDNESDAY HOURS! Open from 3-9 pm. Come borrow an ice-cream maker; build a robot or a bed frame in our workshop; construct a tool with our 3-D printer; or learn how to fix your bike, sharpen a blade, or sew a hem during our demo sessions. You'll love the Capitol Hill Tool Library! It's an inspiring space where DIYers meet to create, repair, and cook things while learning from each other. A community resource that helps reduce consumption and waste by fixing broken items. A social hot spot where you can meet your neighbors and make new friends. A place that loans out cool stuff that's seldom used (like a food dehydrator...or a wetsuit), so you don't have to buy it yourself. And it's all FREE! The Tool Library is 100% donation and community run. Got tools or building materials you don't use? You can drop them off whenever we're open--we're a nonprofit, so your contributions are tax deductible. Want to volunteer and share your skills? We'd love that too! Learn more at ( you have any questions, shoot us an email: [masked]. And join us on Twitter (, Facebook (, and Instagram (

Capitol Hill Tool Library

1552 Crawford Pl. · Seattle, WA

What we're about

Do you miss Jigsaw Renaissance? Come join the Capitol Hill Tool Library. A completely donation run place to learn, build, and borrow. With a 640 sf workshop space full of tools, as well as a storage room with more tools to borrow, we may never take the place of Jigsaw Renaissance in your heart, but hopefully we'll be able to soothe your DIY maker spirit!

We are still in the midst of building the tool Library (we could use your maker help!), but should be open soon!

Learn more at

(PS, CHTL has no official affiliation with Jigsaw Renaissance other than our common love of tinkering and DIY makerspaces. Some of the meetup organizers of this group are the original JR crew, and you can contact them directly by viewing the leadership team.)

For a bit of history, we've left up the Jigsaw Renaissance intro:

The renaissance is here, and it brought ice-cream! So, here’s the idea: Ideas. Unfiltered, unencumbered, and unapologetically enthusiastic ideas. Ideas that lead to grease-smeared hands, lavender sorbet, things that go bang, clouds of steam, those goggle-marks you see on crazy chemistry geeks, and some guy (or girl) in the background juggling and swinging from a trapeze.

We are a collective of intellectual eccentrics, passionate about learning and our various (and yes, I mean various) arts. Walk through our door with an open mind, and you are liable to be whisked off your feet and into a project you’d never have thought up. We encourage communal learning, asking questions, and pushing that red button. Go on. Do it.

If you stick around long enough, you’ll end up being the one creating projects and doing the 3-2-1 countdown for some new toy. Which is exactly what we hope will happen. We aim to be a sustainable ideal, recycling scraps to form new, useful and treasured parts of life. This rings true whether using bits of old snow chains as hanging organizational systems, cracked claw-foot tubs as watermelon planters, or bits of old ideas to get new ones rolling. We compost. We recycle. We garden. We sometimes even don flow-y trousers and sing kumbaya. Well, maybe not that last bit. We want you to want us in your neighborhoods. We want you to send your children to us after school to learn how to have fun self-teaching under our watchful eyes. We want to be a valuable, brag-worthy part of the community, that puts on performances and holds an open door to all interested in becoming capable of creation. Are you interested?

Contact us at , so we can chat about scheduling something cool together.Thanks!

Love, Jigsaw Renaissance

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