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Jyoti Meditation/ Be the Light
7- meditation 7:30- inspirational reading 7:45- meditation 8:15 closing "Within us are riches greater than any we can ever accumulate on earth. We have inside us a source of knowledge from which all other knowledge flows. A love far greater and fulfilling than any we can know in the outer world is waiting to embrace us with open arms within. At our core is a strength and power that can enable us to overcome any fear. Underlying our separateness as individuals is a connectedness and oneness to all life. Awaiting us inside is a bliss and joy so fulfilling that we need no other outer intoxicants to make us happy. All these gifts lie within us in the empowered soul." SRS

222 Arts & Wellness Center

222 Eastern Avenue · Gloucester, MA

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Welcome to the Cape Ann Meditation meetup group! Learn the art of Jyoti meditation and come in contact with the Light which is within each and every one of us. Through this divine connection, we can embark on the inner spiritual journey. The beauty of meditation is that the joy found when we focus within remains with us even after we resume our daily activities. First Wednesday of the month at 7:30 PM at 222 Arts and Wellness Center, 222 Eastern Ave, Gloucester. Beginners Welcome!

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