The Cryptoeconomic Series: The Basics

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Understanding economics is hard as it is. Add cryptography to the mix, and you end up in a groovy wonderland packed with sensory overloads.

Welcome to the land of crypto economics - where entirely new universes are built, and possibilities are palpably close to limitless. The study of crypto economics is fast gaining in popularity, and fundamental building blocks (aka primitives) are advancing on a weekly basis.

This remote two-part workshop is designed as a hands on crash course that aims to give you the conceptual understanding of core primitives, with the ultimate goal for you to design your own real-world crypto economic use case.

In this first part, we’ll be diving into the basic concepts that are fundamental to understanding how crypto economic primitives can be applied in real world use cases. After participating in this workshop, you should have a solid understanding of relevant core blockchain concepts and what role crypto economics play.

A first for the Ethereum ecosystem! Ethereum meetup groups from across the world are collectively tuning into this workshop series.

In the spirit of inclusivity, this event is open to anyone from across the world, and is hosted and presented remotely via Zoom. The zoom link of the event will be distributed closer to the time.

This first part in the workshop series, can only be tuned in remotely and no local events will be held at participating Ethereum meetup groups. After the remote presentation, there will be interactive discussions in remote breakout rooms.

20h00 - 21h00
Remote presentation on crypto-economic basics
21h00 - 21h30
Interactive discussions in breakout groups
21h30 - 21h45
Q&A session

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