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CodeJugalbandi: solving the 'Expression Problem' in FP languages

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Ryan L.


In OO, we express real-world concepts with Classes/Interfaces and hierarchies of Classes.

In FP, we don't have Classes as a basic building material.

How do we express concepts like "Customer", "Journal", "ContactInfo", …, in our FP code? How do we achieve polymorphism in FP languages?

In this talk we'll explore the broader question, "how do FP languages solve the Expression Problem?". (We'll cover these languages: Ruby/Clojure/Scala/Haskell)

  • Speaker: Ryan Lemmer

  • This 1HR talk will be in the style of a "Code Jugalbandi"

  • VENUE directions - Map to Cape Town office - Allan Gray (

Silo Square, V&A Waterfront · Cape Town