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The big question for participants in this group is - “How can I develop a meaningful and fulfilling life that enables me to live satisfactorily and to flourish in coexistence with others?”

Modern life presents us with constant demands to adjust and adapt to change. This may leave us not enjoying life sufficiently and with a sense of not being up to the challenge. This is more than a question of learning new coping skills but relates to questions of meaning.

Bring any challenge of daily living that is important for you to make progress on to explore on in this group. Together we will consider possibilities for action that will bring challenge, enjoyment and satisfaction to your life

Each meetup is a guided conversation for learning led by experienced certified professional life coaches and offers the chance to step back from the busyness of life and consider how best to take care of what really matters to you.

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Change and Being a Learner

Online event

Join us for the third in a series of 6 complimentary life coaching workshops offered by Professional Coaches Claudia Boers and Stephen Beukes. The workshop will take place on Friday 6 November from 9 to 10:30 am and will be limited to 10 participants. These workshops offer the opportunity to work on a challenge that is important to you with the support of the coaches. The coaches will offer distinctions or practices that we have found to be helpful for the clients we work with. You will also be encouraged to discover and develop your own resourcefulness in order to successfully navigate your challenges. Each workshop stands alone so you can do all or just one of them. At this workshop you will learn about life-long learning and having a growth mindset. How does learning to observe how you learn enable you to learn and change? What enemies and allies of learning – certain aspects of your ‘way of being’ - might be at play to either hinder or help your learning and growth? As with all our workshops, our ultimate aim is to share some ways of seeing that enable you to flourish in life. Whilst sharing interesting new ideas about learning and change, the coaches will offer a reflective process that will support you to: * Get clear on what is important about the challenge you are facing; * Gain new insight into what may be holding you back and what resources you might draw on to support your progress; * Explore new possibilities for action; and * To establish the commitments you would like to make. For us this is an opportunity to share the powerful possibilities for change and learning that coaching offers with a wider community. It is also an opportunity for us to practice and hone our capacity to offer coaching to groups online. In that context we will be asking all the participants to share an assessment of the experience with us.

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