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Calling all developers from Cape Town! Xamarin, .NET and .NET Core, ASP .NET and ASP .NET Core, Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio Team Services, Visual Studio App Center and Azure.

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Azure Front Door and ASP.NET Core Razor Pages

Microsoft Campus Cape Town

Session 1 Deploying to Azure with Azure Front Door This talk covers deploying your web apps to azure and using Azure Front Door as a reverse proxy. It covers setting up Azure Front Door, hosting a static site as well as hosting a WebAPI behind FrontDoor using a docker container and configuring a custom domain using FD and Cloudflare Speaker: Quentin Barnard Session 2 Introduction to Web Development: ASP.NET Core Razor Pages In this session we will have a look at creating a website and hosting it for free in Azure. It will be developed using ASP.NET Core using Razor Pages. There will be C# and .NET with a few lines of JavaScript here and there. Speaker: Matthew Leibowitz

Docker & Dragons and Building Add-Ins with the Office JavaScript API

Microsoft Campus Cape Town

Session 1 Docker & Dragons, I mean Debugging Speaker: Antonio De Almeida Developing and debugging .NET Core applications with Visual Studio 2019 & Visual Studio Code. Session 2 Speaker: Hennie van Wyk Building Add-Ins with the Office JavaScript API We'll look at how you can extend Office applications by using the JavaScript API for Office to build modern web based add-ins. There will be some coding to set up a basic add-in, we'll dive into the API and also see how to debug it when things go wrong.

Hands on IoT and AI - Hackathon

Microsoft Campus Cape Town

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Where to Start with .NET Core and then Writing an emulator in .NET Core Skia#

Session 1 .Net Core is open source, but where do you start? Speaker: Colin Bob As a programmer, one of the principle learning tools that I have been taught is to "read the source code". However, for most of it's life, .Net has been closed sourced, and many programmers were forced to use disassembly tools to look under the hood and learn. Now there's .Net Core and it is completely open source and the landscape is pretty huge. Now the challenges are: where do I start, what are the different parts, where do I find the different parts, how do I run it locally and more. This talk is intended to answer these questions, dive into some of the low level components and perhaps encourage more programmers to move to .Net Session 2 CHIP8 'n' Dale - An adventure in writing an emulator in .NET Core Skia# Speaker: Dale Nunns It all starts with the question, I wonder how do emulators work? and ends with a deep dive into the 1970's CHIP-8 gaming platform and writing an emulator for it using .NET Core and Skia. If you're curious about emulators, old gaming systems or want to listen to tales of the old days when 4KB was a lot of memory this is the talk for you. Version 2.0 of my DeveloperUG talk, now with less bugs, better graphics and more features.

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.NET Core, Docker and After the Conference

Microsoft Campus Cape Town

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