.NET Core, Docker and After the Conference


Session 1

After the Conference

Software developers spend the majority of their time in front of a pc, most likely in a single office, surrounded by familiar faces.
Very few developers get the opportunity to attend international conferences, and when they do they leave the conference feeling inspired, enthusiastic and fired up. During the 'post-conference-high' phase, the developer senses a strong desire to learn, explore, discover and share technical knowledge. It is a wonderful but sometimes short-lived feeling.

The reality is we live in a demanding, fast-moving and ever-changing world, and it is so easy to get preoccupied with everyday responsibilities that we are at risk of drifting back to everyday busyness. So many developers return to the workplace and the enthusiasm wears off.

In this session, we will explore ways to help you remain fired up and we explore a series of easy and practical steps you can take to raise your profile while giving back to the local development community.

Speaker Johan Olivier

Session 2

.NET Core and docker

Building and testing what you're deploying to production locally.

Speaker Brett Miller