MSDUG United: Azure Debugging, Mixed Reality Power Apps and Blazor Custom Vision



** After the sessions tonight there will be a Networking event, to ask questions, network or just all hang together.

Intro Session

What's new and what's all happening in the community?

Speaker: Dustyn Lightfoot

Session 1: Debugging and interacting with production applications in Azure

Once an application is up and running on Azure, developers must find ways to debug and interact with the production applications with minimal impact and maximal efficiency. Azure comes with a full set of tools and utilities that can be used to manage and monitor your applications. In this session, we will see how Streaming logs work to monitor the production application in live time. We will also talk about Deployment slots that enable easy A/B testing of new features and show how Snapshot Debugging can be used to live debug applications. We'll also see how other tools can be used to manage your websites and containers live.

Speaker: Laurent Bugnion

Session 2: Playing with Mixed Reality using Power Apps

Power Apps is being used by thousands of organizations to digitize and automate existing business processes. The low-code application development platform allows everyone, from the professional developer to the firstline worker, to quickly build apps that help improve their business.
I am really excited to show you the new mixed reality capabilities in Power Apps that is currently in public preview. With these new features, Power Apps is one of the first low-code no-code platforms that makes it possible for everyone to build mixed reality applications.

Speaker: Carike Botha

Session 3: Build a Blazor App with Custom Vision

ASP.NET has always been synonymous with building server rendered web apps and using JavaScript on the client. Now with Blazor, a new framework for building client-side web UI, we can build full stack web apps with .NET instead of JavaScript.

Join me in this session as I show you the main features of Blazor and how we can use it to create reusable web UI components with HTML, CSS and C#. We will also be making the app intelligent by incorporating the Azure Cognitive Service; Computer Vision.

Speaker: Gomolemo Mohapi

Hope to see you all soon!