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This group is for anyone interested in Agile software development. We have a monthly talk that covers all topics from Agile Software development aimed at all levels. If you are a scrum master, product owner developer, analyst or anyone interacting with teams who develop software come and share in learnings from the community. www.sugsa.org.za

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When will it be done - Probabilistic Predictions

Online event

The very first question a customer asks us when we start work is - When will it be done? Traditional methods of answering this question are fraught with errors. The most common errors include heavy reliance on estimates and use of averages to give one deterministic answer. We are all aware that our world is not deterministic and each prediction has a probability of being right and a complementary probability of being wrong. In this session, we will use examples and a simple exercise to demonstrate a much easier method which can help make probabilistic predictions. These predictions can help teams have more informed conversations with their customers about their probability of completing a project on time and around the risk profiles of their projects. The audience will learn how with very little estimation and simple measurements they can better inform and equip teams, managers and customers with information about possible completion dates of the project. We will show how these techniques are actively being used to predict the completion of single items and a set of multiple items in the real world.

********** About Prateek **********

Prateek Singh has been leading and working on agile teams for the 15+ years. Starting with XP, then Scrum and now working in a Kanban system, Prateek has gained a breadth and depth of knowledge regarding agile techniques, practices and implementation principles. Prateek regularly conducts training and coaching for teams in Kanban and Lean principles. Prateek has played the role of Software Engineer, Scrum Master, Manager of Software Engineering and Principal Agile Coach in his career. He has helped broaden and deepen kanban implementation across an organization of 90+ teams. Prateek is currently Director of Engineering at Kin Insurance where he continues to help teams and the organization operate effectively and efficiently.

********** AGENDA **********

- 17h50: Room opens
- 18h00: Official start
- 18h00 - 18h15: Welcome and Announcements
- 18h15 - 19h00: Talk (When will it be done - Probabilistic Predictions)
- 19h00 - 19h10: Q&A & Close
- 19h10 - 21h10: Coaching Circles Kick-Off (keep an eye out for the Meetup event)

SUGSA Coaching Circles - Next Quarter Kick-Off!

Online event

Coaching circles are a great opportunity to work with a small group of like-minded Agile enthusiasts to share your experiences and to gain new insights from each other.

The aim of this kick-off session is to find out who all is keen to be part of a coaching circle and based on the preferences of this group, figure out the details and logistics for running the circles.

Check out this page for more details on the coaching circles SUGSA helps to facilitate: http://sugsa.org.za/get-involved/coaching-circles/.

This session will follow directly after the closing of our September event being hosted the same evening.

What do you need to consider before the session?

1. Are you willing and able to commit to attending the coaching circle for one evening every two weeks for a period of around three months?

2. What area/location would suit you best? (Consider post-work traffic etc.)

3. Some circles make the decision to do some research/work in preparation for each session. Would you have the capacity to do this should the circle you join make such a decision.

We will do our best to accommodate everyone who is interested in joining a circle. However, please note that should we be unable to accommodate all people interested, first preference will be given to existing members of the current circles and those present at this session.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the evening!

Lean Coffee - Northern Suburbs

Online event

One of our favourite ways to collaborate and engage with each other around all things agile, Lean Coffee is a meeting with an agenda that is created on the fly. We prioritise the topics generated, and spend 5 minutes on each to talk through as many as we can get through in the time allocated.

Everyone can have their input and share their knowledge as well as having access to some of the most experienced agilists in the area to pick their brains.

See you over coffee!

[National Special Event] Speak Out! Workshop

Online event

**About the workshop**
At SUGSA, we’re always looking at ways in which we can help the community to learn and grow. In our continued effort to encourage new people to speak at SUGSA events, we will once again be hosting our "Speak up!" Workshop. We’ve built on the experience of our previous events collaborating with the Cape Town Front-End Developers meetup group, and drawing on the inspiration and this awesome code of conduct: https://www.globaldiversitycfpday.com/code-of-conduct

Public speaking goes beyond speaking at events or conferences. Improving your ability to speak publicly will help you speak up at meetings, boost your ability to train others, and build your confidence when facilitating events.

In this workshop, we will help debunk some of the myths around public speaking with some practical tips, share top advice from a seasoned public speaker and toastmaster, choose potential talk topics, and help you develop and practice a short talk of your own.

At the end of the session, you will be aware of the common myths of public speaking and how to debunk them, you will have generated some ideas for talks, and you will have given a couple of short lightning talks in smaller groups while also receiving some feedback.

**About you**
For this workshop, we value a diverse base of participants and welcome potential speakers from all backgrounds. We will be considering the level of diversity when choosing the list of speakers with a strong focus on giving speakers that have not previously had the opportunity.

**Important Info**
To ensure an effective workshop for all participants, we will be limiting the number of total attendees for this event.

Please RSVP here and complete this Google Form (https://forms.gle/dcADeM2rc47inx8r7) with your details and answers to a few questions.

If you RSVP to the Meetup, you will be placed on the Waitlist and your attendance will be confirmed as soon as we’ve validated your response in the form.

The answers you provide will help us consider the level of experience of attendees for the workshop. We will have a preference on giving speakers that have not previously had the opportunity to share.

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Lean Coffee - Northern Suburbs

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