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SUGSA Special Event: Speak up! workshop: the fine art of sharing and presenting

Hosted by Cape Town Scrum User Group - SUGSA

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**About the workshop**

In an effort to encourage new people to speak at SUGSA we have partnered with Cape Town Front-end Developers meetup group to bring you "Speak up!" workshop: the fine art of sharing and presenting". You can read more on the inspiration on this workshop as well as the code of conduct here:

Public speaking can be a bit intimidating at first, but it's a super valuable skill to have. Not only socially but also in terms of knowing how to promote yourself, your ideas, and advancing your career in tech. So we've put together a workshop to help you get started.

In the workshop we'll help debunk some myths about speaking (like "I have nothing to talk about" and "I don't have enough experience with the topic"), share advice from some top speakers across the world (on submitting a talk, preparing a talk, and giving a talk), and help you do some practical exercises to bring things together.

At the end of the session you'll have a short bio you can use for talk proposals, your LinkedIn profile or your own personal website! We'll also have helped you generate some ideas for talks, and you will have given a lightning talk to the rest of the attendees. Woo! \o/


Steve Barnett is a front-end developer and user experience consultant. He loves applying user-centered design principles to front-end development.
He’s a bit addicted to meetups and community things. He enjoys sharing what he’s learned from all the mistakes he’s made, so he writes about it (, speaks at conferences, and facilitates workshops. He’s on Twitter as @maxbarners (, on GitHub as SteveBarnett (, and on LinkedIn ( as, erm, himself. Sometimes he writes things about himself in the third person and it feels a bit odd ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Justin Slack is head of design, user experience, and front-end development at NML ( ( ). He is fluent in HTML and CSS, and slightly obsessive about typography, web standards, and user experience.

**About you**

For this workshop we value a diverse base of participants and welcome potential speakers from all backgrounds. We will be considering the level of diversity when choosing the list of speakers with a strong focus on giving speakers that have not previously had the opportunity.

**Important Info**
If you RSVP you will be placed on a waiting list, we will then send you 2 short questions to answer so don't forget to check your inbox.

A HUGE thank you to our venue sponsor Codex without them this workshop would not be possible.

Thanks to SUGSA who will be sponsoring the snacks for this event