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Usability testing with no time, no budget and no support

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Usability testing with no time, no budget and no support
We're kicking off 2019 with our first Meetup of the year! The evening will be structured as follows:
- 17h45: Arrival and snacks
- 18h00: Official start
- 18h10-19h00: Usability workshop
- 19h00: Optional board games and socialising

A big thank you to our venue sponsor Allan Gray.
*We are still looking for 2019 sponsors. For more info:

What is usability testing? Sitting with our users and observing them while they use our products. We listen to what they say, but (more importantly) we watch what they do. This helps us find things to improve or things that don’t really work.

No time? You can slip usability testing into the cracks between other bits of work, and piggyback on other types of testing.

No budget? You can source users and do testing at no cost or very low cost.

No support? Presenting the results of a usability testing session in a compelling way helps us get buy-in from colleagues, clients, and the big bosses.

We are very lucky to have Steve Barnett and Cara Winterbottom running this session.

Steve Barnett is a front-end developer and user experience consultant. He loves applying user-centered design principles to front-end development. That means he designs and develops sites and web apps in a future friendly way: with an eye towards inclusive design, accessibility, and performance.

Cara Winterbottom is a UX consultant and author who has trained extensively in both Psychology and Computing and has a passion for both. The skills and knowledge that she has learned in these areas are powerful tools that she brings to bear on her user experience and software design work.

*Please bring any board games which you enjoy, this will hopefully be a fun way to get to know each other.

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