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Spirituality is a broad concept with many, many different understandings. And each is valid and to be respected. Perhaps one common thread is awareness and consciousness of our connection with the creator or the creative aspect of the universe. The universe is creative, conscious, expanding and evolving and our own evolution is not only intrinsically linked to this but is also feeding into that unfoldment.

For the purpose of aligning the co-creation potential of this group, we will use the following framework:

- love is the ultimate truth at the heart of creation

- spirituality and consciousness transcend our identification with our physical identities, beliefs and attachments – ultimately all is one

- compassion is a natural expression of our essence

- judgement of self and others does not serve us

- intention orchestrates its own fulfilment

- self-love and acceptance is the foundation to creating our desired realities

- service to others ultimately brings greater joy than service to self

- our external reality is a manifestation of our inner state and not the other way around - therefore we change the world by changing ourselves and not others – spirituality is an inside job

“All judgement reveals itself to be self-judgement in the end, and when this is understood a larger comprehension of the nature of life takes its place.”

Dr David R. Hawkins

In our everyday interactions, we are constantly faced with duality and interactions with polarities that vehemently champion their positions. This is not that. Here we hold space for each other and the focus is not to convince or convert others to our own understandings. Instead arrive with an "empty cup", with humility of our limited understanding of creation and acceptance/compassion that each is on their own journey back to the creator of their understanding.

Thursday Team Talk is an energy exchange forum for spiritual seekers focussed on their own inner journeys. Each week we discuss how we resonate with a topic/article/video/teaching selected by an attendee of the previous gathering. We look forward to warmly welcoming you.

~ The Journey Back to Self ~

We all have the light of truth within us. It is the voice of wisdom, it is the spark of courage, it is the essence of love. It is woven through the very fabric of our souls. It is our rite of passage and our journey home. But somewhere, in the midst of breathing and experiences we lose sight of this light. Somewhere in the depths of pain and the heights of promise we escape the truth. We lose our way. We stand there alone and naked in the darkness of our soul and fall prey to the illusions of our demons; believing in their shadows. And far too soon, that great beam of light that was once the very core of our spirit becomes a flickering flame afraid and grieved of who we have become. But in the perfection of the circle, we must walk through the forest of fears and illusions before we can come to remember who we are in the light of truth. It is in the remembering that we awaken. In the awakening we begin to see glimpses of a faraway place within us. A place that has been stifled and silenced, a place that had a once familiar but now unknown sense to it. It is in this place that the journey begins. The path of the journey is each according to its own purpose. No two journeys are the same. The journey is paved with twists and turns, moving in and out of realms, and holds no promises. But with each step taken the flame grows brighter and the heart grows stronger. The journey carries the bittersweet taste of truth and the grace to swallow it. It brings us to a place of surrender. It is in the surrendering that we reclaim our power. To surrender is to behold the perfection of the journey. Through our surrender we see the light. We begin to walk with a clear understanding and a sincere compassion. We learn to love and accept ourselves. We reclaim the once silenced voice within. We reclaim the strength that was once buried under the rubble of pain. We reclaim the power that was always ours. It is in the reclaiming that we find our truth. Our truth is our purpose. It is the essence of our being. It is the light within that burns with an endless flame throughout eternity. It is the breath that we breathe. Our journeys are to remember who we are, and then to boldly without apology reclaim our power, and to renew it by sharing our light with others. It renews itself every time it is born in the heart of another soul.

~ Merri Penman

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