What we're about

This group is about exploring deep learning ( Neural Networks in the field of A.I. / Machine Learning). People who have a background in Neural Networks, share their understanding of Deep Belief Networks , Share Articles, software, help configure open source code get everybody in this group up to date.

This meeting is not about : B.I., coding for the fun of it, general Machine Learning, Deep Learning is hard because the technology is bleeding edge and goes beyond standard Machine Learning and libraries that use the GPU are required.

There will be 3 types of meetings

1) people do a presentation of an article on Deep learning and lessons learned from it .

2) Share software to program/ hack deep learning algorithms . We decided on using Python with Numpy .

3) Discuss application of deep learning, have some food get to know one another, talk, try to be business orientated with it. Many of the meetings will happen in a class room style environment. This is a deep subject!

Although the math is not rocket science, Programmers need to be familiar with Linear Algebra/ Matrix operators, Differentiation.

Recommended discovery dive into this field :

Deep Learning Intro Slide (http://nlp.stanford.edu/courses/NAACL2013/NAACL2013-Socher-Manning-DeepLearning.pdf)

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Deep Learning in Production with Eliot Andres

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Deep Learning IndabaX Application Deadline

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