CASSUG Monthly Meeting 4/10/2017


Our April meeting will feature a presentation by Taiob Ali on migrating SQL Server databases to Azure. The meeting starts with dinner at 5:30pm, announcements at 6:15pm, and the presentation at 6:20pm.

Taiob most recently spoke locally at SQL Saturday Albany 2016 and was well received by the community. Here is the session abstract, as well as his bio:

How to migrate a SQL database to Microsoft Azure SQL V12

There are many tools available to successfully migrate your on-premises relational database to Microsoft Azure SQL V12 database. Do you know what tools are available for migration? How do you choose the best tool for you? How do you analyze what objects are not compatible for migrating to Azure? It depends on the type, size and complexity of the database being migrated. In this demo based session I will show you 4 different tools, that you can use to analyze/migrate your on-premises SQL Database to Microsoft Azure SQL V12. We will migrate a single database using 4 different tools so you know what options are available for you. I will also talk about where you can download and how you can set up these tools. Briefly talk about pros and cons of each tool. At the end of this session you will be aware of the various techniques available to analyze and migrate SQL Database to Azure V12 and chose the best fitting one for your database.

Taiob Ali is an accomplished technical leader with proven record of success. His experience includes three major business sectors: financial industry, e-commerce and healthcare. He is a Microsoft and MongoDB certified Data professional with over 11 years of IT experience both on premise and cloud. Hands on experience in managing large database projects including planning, large data migration, complex process design, testing and deployment, performance tuning, long term capacity planning.

Taiob is currently working at “Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co. LLC.” as a DBA lead. Focusing on automation, improving and streamlining operational workflow, plan and prepare for cloud migration. He is a regular speaker at user groups and SQL Saturday events.