CASSUG Monthly Meeting 6/12/2017


Due to a change in jobs, John Zablocki has had to postpone his seminar until hopefully later this year.

As a result, John Morehouse has stepped up and will be doing a remote presentation on:

Database Continuous Delivery & Your Salvation!

Continuous Integration & Delivery isn’t a new concept. Application Developers have been doing it for quite a while and now it’s time for Database Professionals to catch up. Whether you are a database administrator, database developer, or even an application developer, database continuous delivery can help you find your salvation. I’ll show you how to apply these concepts to areas of security, collaboration, testing, support and deployments. We will look at what continuous delivery means, demonstrate some tools that can help you easily get it into place, and dive into why it’s important.

The meeting starts with dinner at 5:30pm, announcements at 6:15pm, and the presentation at 6:20pm.

John Morehouse lives/works in the Louisville, Kentucky area. In his own word:

"I’ve always considered myself a jack of all trade, having various technical jobs through my career, but databases, Microsoft SQL Server databases specifically, is my passion.

My current SQL Server passions include (but not limited to):

Database Design • Performance Tuning
• Transaction Logs
• High Availability
• Database Mirroring
• Log Shipping
• Replication

For almost 9 years, I was a volunteer fire fighter/EMT for my community. I live in small town about 30 miles outside of Omaha. It was an awesome hobby to have and it’s very rewarding. Since that was a part of my life for so long, you’ll often see that “hobby” come through in my postings.