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We live on Capitol Hill or in the Marmalade District. We have kids. We are awesome parents and strive to raise our kids to be even awesomer. We believe we can do it alone...but we don't want to. Ahem, "It takes a village..." Let's build one out of our own neighborhood! Kids knowing kids. Parents helping parents. This group encourages outdoor play, engaged parenting, creative indoor play, supporting growth "the old fashioned way" with building things, making things, sharing, caring, and saying please and thank you. And for the parents this group strongly encourages playdates, BBQs, adventure, travel, sharing parenting ideas and tips, and of course libations to get us through it all from time to time. Let's give our kids that neighborhood connection so many of us grew up with...and they'll get a hell of a workout to boot hiking up and down our hills to get together to play!

NOTE: The plan is for this to be a safe and trustworthy place to meet other parents and organize get-togethers for ourselves and our children. I will always encourage "safety in numbers" and expanding our village network via word of mouth thru trusted members we have actually met, and that we know actually have a child/children. Let's build our village wisely, safely, and through building in-person connections with one another. Should any of us suspect any fishy, impostery activity, it will be promptly and appropriately handled. Thank you!

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