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Hi galaxy chaser. My name is Jim Northrup and I am a semi-pro photographer. I created this meetup group because I will be traveling to Capital Reef in April of 2020 and thought I would host a Night Photography Lessons meetup. The optimum time for shooting the Milky Way in April will be after midnight and before sunrise. I will teach you how to scout out potential shooting sites, what to bring. This is a come as you are type of meetup group. The idea is to offer high quality instruction along with a great shooting experience.

This is a photo lessons for beginner and intermediate photographers meetup group. Our meetups will help you take better night photography pictures of your travels, nature, and for your business! It's easy and fun. Bring whatever camera you have: a fancy digital SLR, simple point and shoot or anything in between. We'll work from there. It's a casual learning environment! We are all about networking to help each other!

Finally, there's typically a small charge to help defray some of the meetup costs or some meetups. Other meetups may have a more significant charge based on the offering. Classes with significant charges will have a what you can expect to learn at the meetup along with what topic(s) will be covered and any additional learning materials. The goal of fee based classes is to keep things affordable, but also to generate interest in high quality learning and instruction. All meetups have a money back guarantee. Let's see where the night sky takes us. Ok? :-) Jim Northrup

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Milky Way Photography Workshop

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