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What we’re about

Caravans are groups of individuals from the nomad community who live out of their vehicles (cars, vans and RVs) and choose to camp together for a time. Newcomers are most welcome! This is all about making friends and joining a community; you don't need to be alone.

Caravan locations are selected for their pleasant weather (historically), cell service, proximity to a town, and accessibility by cars, vans and RVs. <br>

We will camp at one location for a couple of weeks, then move between 25 to 150 miles away to another location. We disperse camp, for free, on public lands. We always leave our camps in better condition than we found them. The Caravan Group size can grow up to 36 rigs. Depending on how open the camp area may be, a Caravan group may camp in a single location or be a collection of several out camps in order to use the smaller spaces available in the area. That is, due to dense foliage or the topographical layout of the land, groups of 5-10 may need to cluster together in out camps. A Caravan with out camps may have one main camp for morning coffee or evening campfires.

Nothing will be provided; that is, you must be prepared to meet all of your own needs, independently -- food, water, cooking, sleeping, warmth, cooling, bathroom, first aid, garbage, etc. -- following Leave No Trace principles. Be sure to have a good size emergency fund available for any unexpected events, including major vehicle or RV systems repair.

We will be outdoors in the back country. Risks to your person and vehicle are inherent when participating in this type recreation. By joining this Caravans Group, you have agreed to the Activity Release Agreement & Waiver. In addition, by joining Meetup, you have agreed to these Community Guidelines.

Often Caravan participants come and go during an event. They leave to spend time alone or with a few friends. We encourage participants to follow this typical behavior; we simply ask that you communicate your departure from the event so that someone else might take your place. <br>

Participants are especially encouraged to assure that every person is welcomed and fully included, that updated information is communicated both in person and online, and that the camp area shows less evidence of human impact than when the Caravan arrived.