What we're about

This is a group for couples of any age that love to play cards and games! Examples include Spades, Hearts, Euchre, Rummy, Dirty Spades, Poker, Bridge, Oh Hell!, Instinct, Pinochle, Pig-it & Hog-it (suggestions encouraged) as well as board games, trivia games (you don't know Jack!), or passive activities as well.

Don't be intimidated, we are relaxed and will happily teach you if you don't know the game! Just sign up and try it out :)

Couples make it easier to have an even number of players which lends itself well to all sorts of card games ranging from 2,4,6, or 8 players per table and up to 2-3 tables. Only general rule is that you must show up in a pair. So please RSVP with +1 or have your partner sign in separately with their meetup account.

Our games do not involve the exchange of money (though we may use change as props) and we do not charge for meetups nor is their any expectation of financial reimbursement for refreshments that couples share with each other. We like to promote a relaxed friendly atmosphere and encourage couples that enjoy each others company to share contact information. My wife and I will be at every meetup, and are both Chicago transplants that have lived in the bay area for almost a decade and love it here.

Given COVID concerns we will be combining required evidence of vaccination with increased ventilation or outdoor deck seating if weather allows.

There is a list of games and rules on the pages (https://www.meetup.com/Card-Playing-Couples/about) button. This list is ever-changing so please help us expand it over time with additional games you enjoy and better links/information. The primary venue always has ample parking available right in front of the building. Also we encourage bringing your own snacks/drinks but will have some refreshments available as well should you be rushed. If you'd like to bring your pet with you, feel free.

To be courteous please change your RSVP to no even if you can't make it last minute so we can anticipate the total number of people accurately (this helps decide the game choices). Also we err on having too many people as opposed to too few so there is plenty of fun to be had by all attendees. As such last minute interest is always welcome, but please RSVP even if signing up only 30 minutes beforehand so we can anticipate last minute changes. Thanks!

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Hearts, Spades, Bid Euchre Halloween Weekend!

18100 Skyline Blvd

Spades & Bid Euchre!

Jamber Wine Pub

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