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Welcome to the Cardano Blockchain Honolulu MeetUp group!

Currently, I'm the only person I know of that is interested in the Cardano Blockchain in Honolulu. However, I truly believe that the Cardano Blockchain will grow to be ubiquitous.

For the early goings, I plan to have small informal meetups at coffee shops and things like that to gauge interest. However, I am hopeful that over time the group will increase in size. For the most part, this will be a general interest group. However, as interest increases (and knowledge), I hope developers/coders will join as well.

Additionally, since Honolulu is a popular vacation destination for Asia, and the original Cardano ICO was mostly in Japan, I am hopeful that we can have some Japanese friends drop in once in awhile to say hi as well.

Of course, Honolulu is also a popular destination in general, so feel free to join and drop in if you're here for business or just stopping by. There was some interest from people on the official Cardano forums ( https://forum.cardano.org ) about stopping by when in the area.

Long term, I think Honolulu would be an ideal "hub" for Cardano believers to have an annual meeting.

Join us!


If you're new to Cardano, I would recommend starting here:


and watching Charles Hoskinson's White Board:


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