What we're about

We are a Wichita based board gaming group that has been around since 2013. We are focused on community gaming, events, podcasts, and reviews. We are heavily involved in the local and regional board gaming scene and want to see it continue to thrive and improve. Our goal is to make sure everyone that wants to be involved in board gaming feels welcome and we try and provide low barrier to entry opportunities if you're new to the hobby.

We run weekly events called Tabletop University (https://www.cardboardcarnage.com/pages/tabletop-university/) where we teach anyone how to play a specific game. TTU is held at various locations including Wizard's Asylum, Hero Complex, and Sente Games and Refreshments.

We run a bi-monthly event called Day O'Carnage where we load up a bunch of board games and find a location to hang out for about 12 hours where anyone is welcome to come try new games, play games with us, and meet new people.

We are partnered with TsunamiCon (http://www.tsunamicon.org/), a local Gaming Convention held every year at the Scottish Rights Center in Downtown Wichita, where we plan and run most of the board gaming events.

We have a podcast that we publish about every two weeks where we discuss all manner of board gaming related topics. Our podcast can be found on our website (https://www.cardboardcarnage.com/), iTunes, Google Play, Podbean (https://cardboardcarnage.podbean.com/), and Stitcher (https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/cardboard-carnage?refid=stpr).

We generally try and keep our events free and kid friendly. We want to be as inclusive as we can and we invite anyone to join us in board gaming fun.

Past events (16)

Bi-Monthly Day O'Carnage

Wizards Asylum

Tabletop University Double-Header: Periodic & Ion

Sente Games & Refreshments

Tabletop University: Potion Explosion

Hero Complex Games & Entertainment

Tabletop University: Wingspan

Sente Games & Refreshments

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