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How the Group Runs:
For the first 45 mins we will have our hellos and coffees (larger the mug the better), we will then have a chance to talk about anything we have found particularly difficult/triggering or uplifting during the past week. With the chance for group members to help each other figure out coping strategies. We can also look at some of the unwritten internal rules that might be driving our feelings and behaviours.

The second 45 minutes will looking at a particular topic which will be set the week before. It may be a gneral topic or a part of the book we are working from (Currently CPTSD: From Surviving to thriving (https://www.amazon.com/Complex-PTSD-Surviving-RECOVERING-CHILDHOOD/dp/1492871842) by Pete Walker).

We will end with everyone saying something positive that they would like to do or achieve in the coming week. Which might be as simple as just getting up and having a shower.

Please note - this is not a group where we talk alot about our specific trauma history. It is a group more focussed on the present, encouraging each other and seeking solutions and support.

Group Rules - Please read

Any type of abusive behavior will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban.

We do not reveal the names or identities of our fellow members to anyone outside the group. We do not discuss any of the things said at the group with anyone else.

Speak and interact respectfully with each other at all times.

We are all sovereign adults, responsible for our behavior, responses and safety

Trauma talk / Triggers
We are not here in general to talk about our specific trauma stories, which could be triggering to other group members. We are here to talk about the present and look for solutions. Please think before saying anything that could be perceived as triggering and either seek permission from the group leader or give a trigger warning.

Inappropriate Contact
Please do not approach other members of the group in any romantic or sexual way. It is completely inappropriate for a group of this nature. Complaints will be taken seriously and result in a ban. Everyone should feel safe.

Mindful talking vs Monologuing
Try to be mindful of what you are saying and for how long you are speaking. It is quite easy as trauma survivors to get lost in what we are saying and talk for too long, losing sense of others.

If this happens you maybe interrupted and given a suggestion to bring what you are saying to a close. Do not be offended. Everyone needs to be heard.

Respect peoples boundaries. IF you don't know what that means or how to set them, there is a short course here:



A healthy dose of humour can't be a rule, but its a good suggestion.

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ONLINE -(female only) Support and social group

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ONLINE -(female only) Support and social group

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ONLINE -(female only) Support and social group

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