What we're about

This group is for men who are feeling a little stuck, disconnected or unsupported. Or perhaps want to make positive change, are looking for new direction, to stretch yourself or rekindle some zest for life. Men of any age are welcome to join us.

Through this group, we promote authentic discussion, meaningful relationships, enable personal growth and well-being, and seek to develop real community.

What happens at group?

At our regular Men's Group meeting, the evening focuses around a talking circle as an opportunity to express oneself from the heart, uninterrupted and free from judgement.

About the talking circle:

• There is a 'talking stick' and only the person holding it is to speak.
• Sharing during the circle is optional; if you do not wish to speak, simply pass the stick on. There is as much to gain from listening to others as there is from sharing yourself.
• Everything shared during the talking circle will remain entirely confidential.
• There is no judgement on anything that is shared.
• We encourage the sharer to focus on feeling and speaking from the heart. During the circle is not the time for getting feedback or advice, though if you would like some, you can invite others to approach you after the circle has closed.

We have plenty of time before and after the circle for informal discussion and catch-up.

What this group is not:

• We are not a pro-male focused or anti-feminist group
• We have no political or religious affiliations
• We do not discriminate based on race, age or sexual orientation
• We do not impose anyone else's idea of what it is to be a 'man'

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