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Harvard Course 15: What's A Fair Start? & 16: What do We Deserve?
We continue with the Harvard Justice Course: You must have watched lectures 1-16 and must have considered the discussion questions for lectures 15 & 16 under 'Rawls’s First Principle' and: 'Fair Equality of Opportunity'. These questions can be found under the lecture viewing window on the Harvard website. Click on 'Discussion Guide ADVANCED' under lecture 11 or 12 or click on this link:[masked]ff5779-fb3f ([masked]ff5779-fb3f) You will be conversing in a group, so need to have both watched the lectures and thought about the questions. Come for 7pm, do buy food/drinks from the bar and bring down with you. We'll be downstairs, ask at the bar if lost. Please come on time. Please be courteous and signup if coming. If running late, message openly in comments. The Philharmonic is a great venue, quiet for chatting, comfy seats, candles, civilised, good food and drink. I haven’t been before, what should I expect? A group discussion on the next two Harvard lectures from Michael Sandel's Justice Course. The format for the evening goes like this: • We’ll start 7:00pm • There’ll be a table set up in the basement, sit where you like. • When discussing the two lectures and their questions please ensure: - the conversation stays on topic, unless there’s a particularly interesting tangent which therefore might briefly be indulged; - one person speaks at a time and no arguing; - individuals focus on dialectic rather than competitive conversation; - one person is careful not to dominate but are generous • The discussion will end 9:00pm • There’s then the opportunity to stay for a drink and socialise. The Philharmonic give us downstairs for free in return for business. Therefore while these meetups are entirely free to you, if you can afford to (and no problem if not) please buy something from the bar - tea, soft drink, alcohol, food. Thank you

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Cardiff did not have one, it has one now; regular meetups at two levels of engagement: 1) a light chat on any given subject (this will say 'Beginners' in the meetup description) or 2) something that requires a bit of homework to ensure a deeper more informed level of conversation (this will say 'Advanced' in the meetup description).

- A great place for philosophy chat and debate: such as is God Dead? what is identity or love.

- Interested in the less heard position of popular mainstream media, with a particular focus on moral philosophy.

- Sharing intellectual resources such as books and films' names and themes or philosophers' works (lectures, conferences, magazine articles).

Everybody is welcome. You don't need to be a very active participant, sometimes simply listening is all one wants to do. Hearing other people's views and ideas on any given subject is a great way to challenge and hone one's own.

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