Cardiff SEO Meet #3 (& Early Xmas Social) - Nov 2016

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Cardiff SEO Meet
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Like last time, we have two talks and a site review for you, with some very interesting talks lined up (especially Tom's, given the fairly controversial topic...)! Plus, as a bonus, we have a lighting talk right at the end. And given that it'll be the last meetup before Christmas, we'll treat it as a (fairly early) Xmas social, too...

Please note the slightly earlier start time this time (doors 6:15pm, first speaker on at c. 6:30pm).

The event's speakers (running order TBC):

Tom Buckland, HQ SEO ( (@tombucklandseo (
Black Hat SEO Basics - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Black-hat SEO is one of the biggest misunderstood topics in digital marketing. In this talk I aim to explain when these techniques can be used, when to avoid them, what they are and more of the basics associated with this dark art.

Miranda Bishop, Talking Social Media ( & Re:Program ( (@Miranda_Bishop (
Social Currency - Why Won't People Share My Content?
Miranda's talk is all about getting true buy-in through social media and generating advocacy to help drive traffic.

Site Review
Following on from our site review of Learnium at the last meetup, we'll be doing another live site review, where we (as the audience) will take a look at a website and give SEO advice and make suggestions there and then. The site has been announced and it's Xanthe Studios ( ( Feel free to conduct your own research and analysis beforehand (should you wish to), ready to discuss and advise on the night. Note: This time, the volunteer has kindly requested that the site review is not Periscoped - so if you want to see it for yourself then you'd best come along...!

Steve Morgan, Morgan Online Marketing & Cardiff SEO Meet (@steviephil (
Lightning Talk - The History of SEO in 5 Minutes (or Less)...
As the organiser of Cardiff SEO Meet, I told myself that I'd never put myself on as a speaker, however I've had an idea for a fun lightning/Ignite-style talk: 20 slides in 5 minutes (therefore 15 seconds per slide), which automatically rotate - if you've ever been to Ignite Cardiff, you'll know the drill. However there's a slight twist... I'm raising money for my chosen charity (Climb (, and for every £25 raised, I'll shave 1 second off the slide times. That may not sound like much, but that's 20 seconds for every £25, and a whole minute if we hit £75!* In other words, the more money we raise, the more challenging it'll become, the faster I'll have to talk, the more I'll struggle, and the sillier I'll look (and who doesn't want that?!). Here's the JustGiving page ( - please donate generously! :-)

* Up to a maximum of £150 (6 seconds per slide, 2 mins shaved off overall). If we go over £150, I'll throw in additional challenges to make it harder/sillier/funnier.