Cardiff SEO Meet #9 - Sep 2018

Cardiff SEO Meet
Cardiff SEO Meet
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Tramshed Tech

Pendyris Street · Cardiff

How to find us

Walking directions from Cardiff Central Station: leave through the front/main entrance, turn left, cross the bridge, go under the railway bridge on the left, take the first right, and the venue's halfway down the street on the right!

Location image of event venue


Following the Bierkeller's sudden closure, we've had to change venues again, so we're back at our previous home - Tramshed Tech - for this one. We'll be in the Innovation Studio, not the main Workspace area. Please enter via the main entrance (the one that leads into the Workspace), let the staff know that you're attending the SEO meetup and they will direct you to the room.

The room only has a capacity of 60, so we've disabled +1's this time. So if you know someone who'd like to attend then they'll have to join and book their spot themselves - it's easy to do and only takes 2 mins.


"Local SEO - 10 things you should be doing but might not be, and 5 things you might be doing and you should stop (right now)"

Claire Carlile, Claire Carlile Marketing (

The concept of 'local search' is more important (and talked about) than ever - mobile first, entity first and voice search are changing how people search and what results they're served. In this talk, Claire covers the changing search landscape and details 10 key tactics for local SEO success, and 5 that you really shouldn't be using. Ever.

From the organiser: Our first Local SEO talk! Claire has been a long-term supporter of Cardiff SEO Meet, coming to multiple meetups (even trekking it in from Pembrokeshire every time!) so we're delighted to have her speak.

"Everything you think about your analytics is probably wrong"

Russell McAthy, CUBED (

It has become cool to be data driven. The use of smart analytics is allowing brands to drive improvements in their marketing activity without the need for guesswork. In this talk Russell will go through a number of ways that brands are using data and show where they are not always seeing the full picture. This will range from the basics like conversion rate through to his topic of expertise and passion, marketing attribution! Come to this talk to learn more about the mistakes even big brands are making and ensure that you’re set for an accurate and actionable analytics led future!

From the organiser: Attribution is such an important topic. What if you're incorrectly attributing your business' conversions? Or what if SEO is doing better for you than you realise? Russell is a renowned speaker on the subject, regularly speaking at conferences worldwide - so we're in for a treat.


As usual, we will be analysing and auditing a volunteered website live on the night! We have our willing volunteer lined up - a few days beforehand we'll announce who it is so that you can research them beforehand if you like. Should be good!

This time we have a site review sponsor: SISTRIX (! We'll be using their toolset to help us analyse the volunteered site and find 'quick wins'!


We're going to hire a caterer or do a big pizza order (TBC) ahead of the event. If you have any dietary requirements beyond vegetarian then please let us know ASAP, ideally no later than a week beforehand. You can message us (via Meetup) or drop a comment below.

Once again a big thank you to our sponsors, who cover the cost of the free food & drink:

Ghost Marketing -
Traffic Jam Media -
Escentual -
Red Squirrel Marketing -

And a big thank you to our website sponsor Xanthe Studios ( - Cardiff SEO Meet website coming soon) and photo/video sponsor GSD Media UK (


SISTRIX have booked a workshop at Tramshed Tech during the day of the meetup, where you can learn how to use their toolset. It's free to attend. They've set up their own group ( for the occasion. I'll post a comment below with a link to the specific event page once they've created it.