Cardiff SEO Meet #10 - Nov 2018

Cardiff SEO Meet
Cardiff SEO Meet
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Milk & Sugar Old Library

The Hayes · Cardiff CF10 1BH

How to find us

Enter the Old Library on the Cardiff Market side of the Hayes and go up the stairs. The Old Library is 5-10 mins walk from Cardiff Central and 5 mins walk from St. David's 2 (which has a big multi-storey car park).

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New venue (again)! This time we're at Milk & Sugar ( at the Old Library on the Hayes in the heart of Cardiff city centre.


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"Developing Personas for Customer Usability and Search Performance"

Russell O'Sullivan, Digital Thrive (

Personas are nothing new, they have been talked about and developed over and over for many years, but how many brands or agencies actually use them? In today's multi-device, touchpoint, channel world, it's more important than ever to develop your site and content for the right audience. In this talk, Russell will go through an example of how he helped develop Customer Profiles and Audience Personas for a global brand, the frustrations in user testing, how it was implemented (merging 57 different country websites - which were pretty much all different versions under one brand - eek!) and the search engine successes! Plus he will happily send a PDF version of the Persona document to you for FREE!

From the organiser: Russell's background in digital is impressive, having worked in-house at companies including, Roland UK, Legal & General and Lloyds Banking Group. More recently he's gone freelance as a digital marketing consultant & strategist. I've wanted a talk on personas at Cardiff SEO Meet for a while so this is absolutely perfect.

"How To Achieve 'Position 0'"

Kali Mason, (

The info box at the top of Google search results is a mystery to some, but even small things implemented across your site can help you toward gaining that lucrative "position 0". By utilising rich snippets and schema, this talk will show you practical steps towards achieving the new top spot, including some case studies.

From the organiser: Having previously worked under the Google Digital Garage initiative, Kali now works at They're an experienced SEO and I'm really excited to have a talk all about Google's featured snippets.


As usual, we will be analysing and auditing a volunteered website live on the night! We have our willing volunteer lined up - a few days beforehand we'll announce who it is so that you can research them beforehand if you like. SISTRIX ( is our site review sponsor, so we'll be using their toolset to help us analyse the volunteered site and find some 'quick wins'!


Milk & Sugar will be providing us with a yummy homemade curry, while there'll be some free bottles of Becks lying around (provided by SISTRIX - German lager from the German sponsor)! Milk & Sugar has a bar, so if lager isn't your thing then don't worry, you're good to grab something else! If you have any dietary requirements beyond vegetarian then please let us know ASAP, ideally no later than the Monday beforehand at the latest. You can message us (via Meetup) or drop a comment below.

Once again a big thank you to our sponsors, who cover the cost of the free food & drink:

Ghost Marketing -
Traffic Jam Media -
Escentual -
Red Squirrel Marketing -

Also a big thank you to our website sponsor Xanthe Studios ( - Cardiff SEO Meet website coming very soon) and photo/video sponsor GSD Media UK (


Ahead of the last meetup, SISTRIX (the site review sponsor) ran a workshop during the day of the meetup, where you could learn how to use their toolset. I'm not sure if they'll be doing the same thing again this time (in which case it'd be taking place in the afternoon before this evening meetup), but if they do, I'll update this page and/or leave a comment below with info. You can also check this page (and sign up for notifications) in the meantime: