What we're about

Cardiff & Surrounding Area MANPOWER GROUP ! is a men only group for men to talk about their problems & feelings in a safe environment.

Who and why you should join this group ?

This is an opportunity for men only who feel their are struggling in life and have a sense of hopelessness, with a feeling of a lack of self-esteem/confidence.

The object is to talk share your feelings, get it off your chest so to speak.

Most men do not express their feelings enough, because they think they will appear weak, in fact it shows great strength and a huge amount of courage to be vulnerable.

Talking is always a good thing (A problem shared) so here is you chance guys, in a safe place amongst other men only.

We want to help gain self-esteem gain confidence and regain your power, giving you a sense of empowerment.

Mark Elliott ( Founder)... Highly skilled therapist & Top class coach...

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