South Wales Test


Tech Talk is back with another event, this time focused on Testing. We have two terrific guest speakers announced along with our usual beer and pizza to keep everyone fueled at Yolk HQ:

-Viv Richards: Better the DevTools You Know

Whether you want to know how to put client validation to the test, gain a better understanding of how to identify and debug errors or just simply run audits on your web applications, then this session is for you.

Perhaps you’ve heard about DevTools but have never used it? Maybe you’ve used one or two of the tools within a few of the panels but don’t fully understand how some of the tools could help you. Throughout this session we'll highlight a handful of useful tools that are available.

Learning is often done best by doing, and so you will be able to follow along with Viv using a website designed especially for this session, helping you to understand and make use of some of the best tools within DevTools.

By the end of this session attendees will gain a solid understanding of how to use the demonstrated tools within DevTools and how using them can assist in their day to day testing of web applications.

-Ed Davis: Assuring Infrastructure as code

Ed from BJSS will be doing a presentation aimed at all levels of testers, from new manual testers to those with automation and DevOps experience.

He will be speaking about coping with some of the new areas of assurance, with the main bulk of the talk focusing on assuring infrastructure as code and providing ongoing compliance assurance and vulnerability scanning.