What we're about

This is a group for fans of Cards Against Humanity or just people who would like to make new friends and socialize with fellow humans in the most hilarious of manners! Be forewarned though, if you don't enjoy dark, twisted humor or are easily offended, this might not be the game for you.


• Basic Human Decency: Belligerence, hostility and general douchebaggery toward other members or anyone, really, will result in a swift removal from the group and hopefully, eventually from the greater Los Angeles Area. We reserve the right to remove members who don't show courtesy to others.

• Be Respectful of Other People's Time: Obviously being that this is a meetup group, I greatly encourage socialization! However, delaying the game for too long/monopolizing the conversation/reciting an entire dissertation about how great Nebraska is, doesn't always allow other people to participate. Please refrain from verbal diarrhea and be inclusive.

• Turn Off Your TV During Virtual Games: If we are having a game on Zoom, please be considerate to other players and turn off your TV as it will create a ton of feedback over people's speakers. Besides, you're supposed to be here to socialize anyways!

• Respect The Venue: When a venue is graceful enough to accommodate our horribleness, it only makes sense to show respect in return! Not purchasing anything at the bar/restaurant is kind of a dick move and potentially puts us at odds with the venue.

• Cell Phones: Please turn your phone on vibrate and if you need to take a call, politely excuse yourself from the table until the call is over. And then come back. We want you to play with us!


We ask this so the people on the waitlist have the opportunity to be notified within a reasonable time frame. Not doing so will get you a "no-show" on your attendance record.***(Work, sudden illness, emergencies and really important shit excluded so please message me and let me know!)***

3 no-shows and you're out of the group.

•On +1's and Guests: We no longer permit +1's due to their high flake rate and us having an attendee limit. However, if a you have a guest who would like to attend, they are free to join the group and RSVP!

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