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Career-Confidence.org helps motivated people to shorten their job search and/or helps them increase their compensation.


Experienced professionals in Human Resources, Contingency Recruiting, Career Coaching, and Executive Search provide solid advice to job seekers. This is geared towards motivated job seekers who understand that finding a job is a skill just like any other business skill.

There is a seriousness about our events that surprises many people.

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At the end of most of our seminars is a short Christian story.

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Finding a Job Without Using A Recruiter - Jenny Hayes speaking

Act as your own recruiter! Jenny Hayes is a recruiter with Hays Construction and a regular part of the Career-Confidence.org team of experts She will be teaching you to act as your own recruiter. You will learn the process that you need to do to find that job for yourself. Advanced Job Seeking Seminars such as this one and other similar topics are essential for you as a job seeker. We want you to enjoy more control of your job search process. At the end of our webinars, there is often an 8-minute Christian story, Robert Brandau is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

9 Musts of the Job Search with Sara Bridwell

Online event

Sara Bridwell, Chief People Officer at Attain, and Board Chairwoman of Career-Confidence.org will be taking you on a detailed overview of the job search process. This class was put together by Sara and 3 other experts. You will get a complete picture of the job search process. If there is a step you are missing, you might be delaying your landing a job. This is a complete overview. There will be breakout sessions. At the end of the program, there will be a short Christian story. Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/651471739

WEBINAR Setting Up LinkedIn So That Recruiters Can Find You

For those wishing to be part of our seminar via the web: Robert Brandau is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. LinkedIn is the one job search tool that you can assume every recruiter uses. Without an active presence on LinkedIn, you can assume that recruiters will overlook you. We want you to be found by recruiters; this means you need a profile on LinkedIn and daily activity on LinkedIn. There are no secrets about LinkedIn. It is just a wonderful tool for recruiters and job seekers. We will be talking about the fundamentals of LinkedIn. We will do some basic searches on LinkedIn so that you can understand how recruiters use it. If you have a LinkedIn profile, please join the Career Confidence LinkedIn group. Also, send a personalized LinkedIn connection request to Robert Brandau our Founding Director. areer-Confidence.org provides FREE job search educational services. At the end of this seminar, there will be an 8-minute Christian story.

Writing Resumes that are Easy for Recruiters To Read - WEBINAR

Robert Brandau is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. We will talk through the basic principles of writing resumes which are easy for recruiters to read. We will be teaching you from our perspective as professional recruiters, who as part of our careers, have looked at far more resumes than human beings should have to endure. As a generalization, when we have looked at resumes from job fairs, from 30% down to 2% of the resumes are easy for recruiters to read. The rest which are not easy to read often don’t get read. While resumes are just 2% of your job search, they are often essential for getting that first interview. We will discuss what recruiters are looking for, why they are looking for it and how to make sure they see it on your resume. 1. We will laugh at some of the exceptions to the general principles of resume writing. 2. We will explain why you can get various differing advice on your resume. If you understand where the advice is coming from, you will realize that there is not much difference in the advice. If you are willing to have your resume critiqued as part of this seminar, we will give you the opportunity to send it to us beforehand. From time to time we have attendees make the changes we recommend and immediately get unstuck in their job search. Career-Confidence.org provides FREE job search educational services. At the end of this seminar there will be an 8-minute Christian story.

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