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We face 2 big problems today - one at the macro level and another on a personal level.

A 2013 Gallup survey reported that 91% of Singaporeans dislike their jobs! That means, only about one in ten workers are psychologically committed to their jobs and likely to be making positive contributions to their organizations.

That is a big problem! We spent 80, 000 hours on average in our lifetime working. Surely, we should be doing something we love doing or else life would be miserable. How can we find meaningful and satisfying work for the rest of our lives?

Secondly, with unemployment rising due to technological advances and bad economic climate, how do we build resilience and overcome in the face of such challenges? It is not impossible for anyone to build a resilient and rewarding career at the same time. But you need a community to get behind you. This is what this meetup is for.

Our meetups will be held in casual settings but limited to no more than 40 people to optimize networking and learning. You get to join other like-minded peers in seeking clarity and purpose in their careers. Through the interactions, you will also gain a better understanding of yourself and discover other ways you can utilize your talents and experiences.

The format is simple. Expert speakers will be invited to share briefly on career-related topics while PMEs will share their career journey and rich experiences, upfront and personal. There will be ample time for networking after!

This meetup is ideal for:
• Young adults graduating soon and deciding which company/industry to work for
• Fresh graduates who have just entered the workforce and desiring to thrive in their careers
• Professionals transitioning between job roles / companies OR contemplating a career change
• Stay-homers coming back to the workforce
• Retirees seeking a meaningful second career

If you think this is a community where you can learn from AND contribute to, then join us!

Join our community on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/careerconversations/

NOTE: If you come with the intention of toting MLM or selling products, please kindly take it elsewhere. This is for a community of people interested in career related topics.

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