What we're about

Feel stuck? Overqualified? Underemployed? Unemployed?

Always a finalist but not the hire?

Too busy being a devoted employee to engage in an active job search?

Want to make a change but don't know what it is or where to start?

Come spend some time with us and get unstuck! This is a great group for executives who just need some new, actionable approaches to break through the noise, frustration and inertia to get their career transition moving. The focus is on experienced mid-to-senior level professionals.

While the content is of benefit to all, this group is oriented toward professionals in the knowledge and service sectors.

NOTE: Please, unless you are a host or sponsor, DO NOT attend these sessions to sell services to members. Hosts/sponsors will be given a limited amount of time to share their offerings with the group if they wish (5-10 minutes), and can distribute pre-approved materials. People will not come for help, or to help one another if they feel trapped in an infomercial.

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